We are a boutique best of class dental practice servicing the Potts Point, Darlinghurst and the Eastern suburbs for over twenty five years. Our services include: general advice, gum therapy, children’s dentistry, white fillings, root canal treatment, veneers , crowns and bridges, implants, inlays and Oral Surgery.

Practice philosophy

We believe in a minimally invasive approach to treatment. That is why we have refined our cerec system and use only biocompatible high quality materials and have the lowest dose digital xray equipment. We want you to feel comfortable and cared for. We want you to come back.

Your treatment in our practice reflects this desire.

Minimal intervention & general dentistry

We specialise in minimal intervention dentistry. Modern imaging and refined techniques ensure any work we do will last and so will your teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry

Peter has 26 years of experience in both resin and porcelain based aesthetics. He uses the best technicians in Sydney to ensure you a beautiful invisible result.

Peter has studied under Dr Tony Rotondo, one of the world’s leading resin prosthodontists.

Children’s dental

Good habits start early. We recommend regular appointments for children over 4 years. Proper development is essential for facial harmony and health. Poor swallowing or breathing in kids can lead to facial growth problems and the need for orthodontics and sleep apnoea treatments as an adult. We recognise when kids are developing well and when they need gentle interceptive treatment. We use myofunctional (muscle based treatment) as well as general orthodontics. 


Peter was a clinical associate of Dr Derek Mahony, a world leader in orthodontic education. Many dentists use Invisalign and aligner therapy without understanding what they are doing (it’s a two day certification course). Peter spent two years doing a mini residency, and is an expert in the field. We offer a range of affordable orthodontic options including aligners (Invisalign), fixed braces and removable appliances.

A little bit of ortho goes a long way, from ugly duckling to a swan!

Emergency treatment – root canal therapy and extractions

We are experienced in root canal therapy, and have developed an affordable pain free system. We are also able to distinguish when you really do need root canal and when you don’t. Bite issues and sinus pain can seem like root canal and an inexperienced clinician can be fooled.

If a tooth cannot be saved, it can be extracted painlessly and replaced with implants.

Implant therapy

We have 13 years of placing implants and 20 years of restoring them. We use only trusted implant brands and high quality laboratory work. We offer complex treatment and bone grafting.

Snoring and sleep apnoea

Snoring is natural right? Wrong. It’s a sign of chronic oxygen depletion and can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. Peter can diagnose and treat sleep apnoea in conjunction with a sleep physician. Often Apnoea doesn’t need to be treated with a CPAP machine and can be treated with a simple oral appliance.

Headaches and facial Pain

We diagnose the source of your chronic headaches and facial pain. We treat the cause and don’t mask the symptoms. Do you wake up with a sore jaw or headaches? Do you have neck and shoulder pain? Have you been in pain for years? Has a problem suddenly presented that has you stumped? Come in and there’s a good chance we can treat you affordably and make you comfortable again.

If you have any questions about any of these treatments, and if they are suitable for you please do not hesitate to contact us.